Coming March 16th, 2021

The goal is to upload a new episode of the podcast weekly. 

The project began to come to the forefront as we navigate these unprecedented times in our lives. Colin wanted to start a couple projects that would bring people together and give them a little bit of faith and motivation to keep them going. 

Motivation Connections is simply a much smaller project built under the much larger project, The Hub Now. Motivation Connections will have special guests, that will bring you hope and joy. People that will encourage you to keep pushing for tomorrow! Always remember you can't change yesterday, and you can't predict tomorrow, so live right here and right now! 

Are we live? 

Motivation Connections is a motivational, uplifting podcast, bringing you a weekly uplifting episode. 

The idea came to EMBL3M's Founder and Chief Executive Officer while he was in quarantine watching as people began to struggle more. He watched as suicide rates increased, schools were closed, the country was shut down, and he wanted to give people across the world a little uplifting hope for the future.